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Carbon is a light and very strong material, making it very suitable for application on and in race cars!


Polyester parts are at least 50% lighter than the original parts. Carbon is even 70% lighter and very strong.


We deliver the parts after your order around the world and offer quality at competitive rates.

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Carbon is een licht en zeer sterk materiaal, waardoor dit zeer geschikt is voor toepassing op en in raceauto’s!


Polyester delen zijn zeker 50% lichter dan de originele onderdelen. Carbon is zelfs 70% lichter en zeer sterk.


Wij leveren de onderdelen op bestelling over de hele wereld en bieden kwaliteit tegen concurrerende tarieven.

About us

Motorsport parts fabricated of carbon and polyester

Olaf Motorsport Parts in Schijndel is a young and dynamic company that specializes in supplying parts for motorsports. We supply all desired carbon parts, with which weight savings can be achieved. Carbon is a light and very strong material which makes it very suitable for application on and in race cars.

Polyester parts are also supplied by us for motorsports. We supply the parts for among others the car brands BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin and Opel. Even if better handling or improvement of the aerodynamics of a race car is desired, these materials are the perfect solution to achieve this goal.

Kwaliteit tegen concurrerende tarieven

Shipping of carbon and polyester race car parts all over the world

We deliver the parts based on your order all over the world and offer quality at competitive rates. Because we have an efficient business management and do not have to deal with high overhead costs, we can deliver the articles for an affordabele price.

Additional parts for motorsports

In addition to carbon and polyester parts, you can also contact us for other requirements for motorsports. You can think of chairs, belts, steering wheels, fire extinguishers and fasteners.

Parts of the highest quality

Do you want to give your race car a completely new look or reduce the weight, in order to get a head start on your competitors? Then you choose us for high-quality parts.

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Many satisfied customers now use our parts, which has made us an established name in our field. Whatever part you need worldwide, we ensure fast delivery.

If you would like us to advise you on the many possibilities, we would like to invite you to contact us today. We are happy to help you to share our enthusiasm for our products with you.

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Double set Carbon Dive Planes Porsche 991 1 Gt3 Cup

Double set Carbon Dive Planes Porsche 991/2 GT3 cup

Carbon Dive Planes Set Porsche 991 1 Gt3 Cup installed

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